“The Printsmiths have curated an archive with thousands of designs to inspire a creative visual language. We believe patterns make positive impressions.”


• Our Mission

At Printsmiths we share ideas and create patterns for inspiring brands, textile lovers and creators. We always work in synchronisation with our clients to avoid the impact of excess production and waste on the environment. We support ethical brands by offering a reduced fee for our services. Our passion is to make a positive impact on this industry through creative, responsible and environmentally friendly processes.



The archive collection has original artworks categorised by style and era. By sourcing, editing and curating the archive we ensure that clients can find relevant designs dating from the 1800's right up to the present day. Designers can purchase a design for their own inspiration, design development and production.



Our CAD designers have years of expertise in artwork reproduction and are ready to assist those who wish to develop designs from antique artworks, fabric swatches or an existing sample. The Printsmiths process can offer exclusive designs by allowing adjustments to colour, scale and finer details to suit your desired aesthetics.



We can work closely with you, transforming your concepts into a bespoke print design. Our team of designers can create mood boards to form your own visionary language, create colour palettes and capsule collections unique for your brand. We honour the confidentiality of our clients and do not copy other designer’s work.



Design files can be created in full repeat or as a placement print with colour separated layers ready for screen printing or digital production. Artworks can be matched for colour accuracy in production. Our aim is to offer you the highest quality print design for your product development.


Please contact us for a quote or if you would be interested in a bespoke design or to view our in-house collection.

Claudia  studio@printsmiths.co.uk


The studio houses an archive of thousands of prints categorised by style and era and is seen as one of the world’s leading vintage archives, so it’s not hard to see why leading fashion designers and retailers look to them for inspiration.
— James Knowles, Drapers Online